61 %

Increase In Conversion Rate

120 %

Reduction in CPL

71 %

Increase In Deal Close Rate
Stephen Hooley
Operations & Marketing Director

 About GCC Facilities Management

Established in 1975, GCC offers commercial cleaning and are committed to delivering high-quality services with industry-leading reliability. With a team of 800 cleaners across the UK, they provide high-quality contract cleaning services to over 2000 clients.

Project Objectives

With 60+ locations across the UK, GCC was looking for a company that could successfully manage and scale a large account, while reducing their cost-per-lead and increasing profitability.

The PPC Strategy

After the initial review, Session Media completely restructure the account and built-in processes for constant optimisation to ensure each target location achieved its KPIs.

The second step included building ‘conversion-focused landing pages, which were both aesthetically pleasing and high converting. As we had to cater for 60+ locations and countless verticals, instead of implementing 100s of separate landing pages (which would impossible to analyse), we utilised dynamic variables to ensure a seamless user experience and simplicity of testing.

Other actions completed for GCC Facilities Management
  • Keyword Research
  • Ad Copy Testing
  • Landing Page A/B Testing
  • Day-parting
  • Script implementation
  • Advanced call/attribution tracking

The Landing Page

Landing Page

GCC Landing Page

Like with the majority of our PPC campaigns, this landing page was used a conversion-focused based which reduced the friction for a users to get in contact. It was voted one of the Best B2B Landing Pages 2020 by Unbounce.

PPC Results

  • 61% increase in conversion rate (compared to sending traffic to website)
  • 120% reduction in cost-per-lead
  • Reduction in CPC (due to improved quality score)

Business Results

  • 71% increase in ‘ready-to-buy’ leads.
  • Surpassing monthly lead targets.
  • Adding a PPC Landing Page award to the shelf!
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