So Boris was announced as PM and, well, it’s fair to say it was greeted with a mixed reaction.

But when this announcement was made, what was also the great British public searching for?

We’ve pulled our favourite Boris Johnson searches that have exploded over the last 7 days.

1. “Boris Johnson Carrie Symonds”

Carrie Symonds was a popular one, as the public bid to find out more about Boris’ girlfriend.

2. “Boris Johnson Girlfriend Age”

..and of course, sometimes its just easier to ask how old she is (because we Brits are a nosey bunch).

3. “Boris Johnson Girlfriend Photo”

And if finding out her name and age weren’t enough, searches for what she looked like were up 400% in the last week.

4. “Boris Johnson Ziplining”

We’re still getting over seeing Boris hang from a zipwire waving two A4 sized Union Jacks, but clearly, some can’t get enough. Searches for this were up 2,300% this week…

5. “Boris Johnson Zip Wire Stuck”

…and some wanted to see that exact moment he got stuck in front of the nation. Searches for this were up 1,300% this week.

6. “Boris Johnson Rugby Tackle Kid”

And how could we forget the infamous rugby tackle from Boris on a kid? Well, searches for this jumped 800% this week

7. “Boris Johnson Memes”

Boris has made quite a name for himself for a number of reasons and sometimes we just need a good laugh at lunch. Searches for “Boris Johnson memes” jumped 650% this week

8. “Boris Johnson Height”

Do you sometimes feel as though you just don’t know enough about Boris? Well, you’re not alone. Searches for “Boris Johnson height” bizarrely jumped 100%

9. “Boris Johnson Trump Haircut”

Yep. Probably no surprise that searches for the hybrid of a Johnson/Trump haircut have jumped 300% in the last week.

And that’s that folks, it seems that if nothing else, at least Boris should provide us with some great moments to come.