Whether you’re a solo dog walker or multinational solicitor, there’s huge value you can offer the world through your company blog. At B2Bmetric we like to recognise when companies go above and beyond to craft content that inspires and informs their readers. Which is why we’ve created this award celebrating 8 Surrey-based companies that have nailed content marketing, so much so that we had to write about them (in no particular order):

The 8 Best Surrey Business Blogs 2018 Infographic

1. Bristow Burrell Chartered Accountants

With over 50 years’ experience, Bristow Burrell Chartered Accountants is a Guildford-based company who create near-daily content covering industry news in an easy to digest format. From writing about GDPR, to pension-savers they’re on a mission to write actionable post their readers can use in their day-to-day lives. Instead of trying to persuade customers they’re accountancy experts, Bristow Burrell go the extra mile to prove it through their content.

A great example of this is their extensive resource section: www.bristowburrell.co.uk/resources

2. Enjoy The Adventure

Enjoy The Adventure is living proof you don’t need a business to start a blog, but instead, you can turn a blog into a business. Writing about her passion for travelling Jess creates refreshingly transparent guides for people looking for places to visit around the world. As a winner of the Surrey Digital Awards, Jess’s blog has already been recognised as a blog to keep your eye on for the future.

You can follow Enjoy The Adventure’s journey on Twitter: @enjoyadventures

3. Plant Passion

Fresh from the Surrey Hills Claire created Plant Passion back in 2012 to combine her love of horticulture and locally grown flowers. Like many start-up founders, she came face-to-face with the challenges of growing her business, and there’s no doubt her blog played a part in helping her dream come into fruition.  

From reading Plant Passions’ blog it not only shows Claire knows A LOT about flowers but that she cares to. The time and effort put into creating this level of content is no small feat, and I’m sure it keeps her customers coming back for more.

You can follow Plant Passions’ journey on Twitter: @Plantpassion

4. Natalia Barbour

Natalia Barbour’s interior design business pride themselves on combining style and functionality, which becomes apparent as soon as you enter their site. With in-depth blogs on home design trends, Natalia has done a great job of portraying her company both online and offline. In a time where the majority of first impressions are through a companies website, Natalia Barbour has poisoned themselves as being the preferred choice by all surrey-based web searchers.

You can check out their latest projects and content on Twitter: @NataliaBarbour

5. RHW Solicitors

It’s easy for corporate organisations to sound rigid in the communication they have with their audience. RHW Solicitors, on the other hand, have put a huge focus on creating user-friendly content that resonates with their readers. With blogs that focus on everyday issues, they’ve made themselves a great source of information well before someone may need their services.

You can keep updated with their near-daily blogs posts on Twitter: @rhwSolicitors

6. The Denture and Implant Clinic 

Many companies struggle with coming up with ideas for blog posts and end up writing about the first thing which comes to mind. The Denture and Implant Clinic are not one of these companies. Taking a solution-focused approach, they’ve listened to clients and created highly relevant content around questions asked. In doing so they’ve created a resource they know their readers are going to love, without guessing.

If you’re ever stuck for content ideas, take a leaf out of The Denture and Implant Clinic’s book and turn to your customers for topics.

7. Dad Blog

With several awards already under his belt, John from dadblog.uk is another great example of someone who has turned a blog into a business. From partnerships with big brands to selling t-shirts, John has done an amazing job in turning his life stories into a revenue-generating machine.

As well as the written word, John has taken his content to the next level by creating videos on YouTube to appeal to a much wider audience.

You can follow dadblog’s story on Twitter: @dadbloguk

8. Bonnie Dogs Grooming 

As a dog owner myself, I could instantly relate to the articles written on Bonnie Dogs Grooming’s website and found myself scrolling through them to find out more. This should be the aim of any business blog. If your customers can relate to your content you’ll become their go-to company for years to come.

Unlike the above blogs mentioned, Bonnie Dogs Grooming doesn’t post that frequenly, but when they do they really hit the mark.

You can keep up to date with their content on Twitter: @BonnieDogs