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Neil Williamson

About EM Law

EM Law is a full-service commercial law firm with a team of experienced lawyers who can help businesses and individuals with their legal needs. They are committed to providing their clients with high-quality legal advice and service.

Project Objectives

The primary objective was to rank EM Law for technology law based terms. This then moved into contract, M&A and others.

The SEO Strategy

Initial SEO work

We were initially tasked with rebuilding the EM Law website. They wanted a new design, but they were also looking for an SEO agency to implement SEO best practices during the build so that the site could start generating opportunities for the business.

Without getting into the technical details of the build, here are the key SEO elements that we ensured:

  • Optimised for speed
  • The URL structure was optimized and pages were better categorized.
  • The frequency and relevancy of internal links between pages was increased.
  • Low-value pages were removed.

The entire process, from scope to go-live, took just 3 months. Building the site from the ground up allowed us to save time and resources on running our usual technical checks, which brought forward the SEO project and ultimately the project successes.

Keyword research and optimization

Once the site was up and running, we ran a competitor analysis around the main area of focus: technology. We identified which keywords users were searching for to find solutions like those offered by EM Law. We also looked at the cost-per-click (CPC) of the target keywords, which gave us an indication of the value of each keyword.

After agreeing on the set of keywords we wanted to target, we optimised the target page for each keyword set using competitors in the top 5 spots in Google as a benchmark. The optimisations were approved and the pages were put live.

We followed the same process for other areas of law, such as contract and M&A. We also found which informational keywords were being searched in each sector and drafted these into a content calendar. This approach allowed us to target all keywords in a possible sector.

Link building and outreach

Before we could dive into campaign execution, we had to ensure that we had the fundamentals in place. With EM Law targeting phrases that were specifically tied to the UK, we rolled out citations across the web and ensured consistent use of the name, address, and phone number both on and offsite. These signals help legitimize EM Law as a business, creating trust with Google and other crawlers from a ranking perspective.

Alongside this, the outreach team ran a link analysis to identify which links we needed to get us into the top 3. We’ve since run two campaigns with EM Law.

The first campaign listed the UK’s weirdest laws and we packaged this up into an infographic. The uniqueness of the topic and creative output led to this campaign getting featured in 130 different online publications, including a podcast on iHeartRadio.

Following the success of this campaign, we took a slightly different route for the next campaign. This time, we polled 500 law professionals to uncover whether TV shows had influenced their decision to choose law. Over 50% of respondents said that legal TV shows DID influence their career choice, giving us a nice headline to pitch to trade and high-authority press.

This landed coverage in TechBullion, LawyersWeekly, LegalFutures, and LegalCheek, among others.


In total, we’ve built over 200 links back to the site. A culmination of these, sound technical practice, and optimised copy has resulted in numerous page 1 rankings, an increase of 40% in organic sessions, and an increase of 162% in organic traffic over a 6-month period.

SEO Campaigns


Weird UK Laws

In this blog post, we take a look at some of the strangest and most archaic laws still in effect in the UK legal system today. From a law that prohibits the act of gambling in any British public library to one in which killing a swan is an act of treason, these laws will make you scratch your head!

The influence of legal TV Shows

Legal TV shows often depict law professionals as those who earn big in high-stake cases, never tire of intense work-related dramas, and live a lavish personal life outside of the courtroom. Often portraying lawyers as intelligent, confident – and most importantly – successful, we polled 500 people to learn if these media-enhanced desirable outcomes actually materialised.

SEO Results

  • 162% increase in form fills
  • 400+ keywords on Page 1
  • 39% increase in organic traffic
  • 200+ Links generated