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We approached Session Media after seeing our organic traffic drop dramatically. The guys came in and ran an initial audit identifying errors in the technical set-up and the primary reasons for the traffic drop-off. They then proposed and implemented 2 strategic SEO plans in a bid to recover this traffic as quickly as possible. Within a few months we were ranking for a range of competitive keywords that recovered the dip in traffic we’d experienced last year. We are now in the process of planning our next campaign.
Simon Moss
Marketing Director

About Communigator

Communigator are a cloud-based lead generation software provider that provide a range of marketing automation services which help generate and deliver new business opportunities. From tracking leads to building complex campaigns. They integrate with most CRM systems, connecting you with your data, streamlining your campaigns

Project summary

Communigator were seeking an SEO agency that could help arrest a steady decline in organic traffic that began in the summer of 2018. With Communigator able to create prospect lists from web visitor activity, much of their marketing begins when a visitor first lands on their website. Therefore, they needed a solution that would halt the decline and drive an increase in organic visitors. Our objectives were to increase organic traffic to the site month-on-month by 5%, with the additional aim of increasing organic new users by 10%.

The SEO Strategy

We began by reviewing the technical health of the Communigator site. We identified that the site had a range of URL errors from a previous migration, as well site-wide duplicate content issues.

Technical Fixes 

The first part of the strategy was to fix the URL errors. These were 404 pages littered throughout the site, not picked up during the migration. We made amendments to the sitemaps as well as Robots.txt folder.

Duplicate Content Plan

We then put together a content plan that reviewed how to deal with the site-wide duplicate content issues and split resource between ourselves and communigator. We identified blog content that was performing well in a given category, then migrated URLs and copy to this blog content to create “power pages”. As a result, this ensured we had one blog post targeting a primary keyword. This was instead of multiple URLs all competing with each other and leading to keyword cannibalisation.

Link building Asset

We were conscious that the technical fixes and content grouping wouldn’t be enough to increase the organic traffic substantially. So alongside this, we also completed a range of keyword research and identified a primary keyword to target in a bid to improve the month on month organic traffic. This keyword formed the basis of a helpful guide in which we also created a branded infographic, to drive much of the link building efforts. Following a full content plan, we created all the copy for the guide as well as the infographic,

Internal Linking

We repaired any internal links that were either on redirects or pointing to 404 pages. We also increased the number of internal links between pages which permitted more link equity to flow throughout the site.

Actions completed:

  • Technical review and fixes
  • Keyword research
  • Duplicate content fixes
  • Link-building
  • Internal linking

Proven Results

  • 561 New Keywords – Position 2 for target keyword.
  • The campaign is now the 3rd most visited page on the website from organic.
  • 26% increase in organic sessions in a 4 month period compared to previous 4 month period.
  • 25% increase in new users, meaning more brand exposure for the business.
  • The campaign generated 24 backlinks, most of which were high authority and high relevance to the marketing space. 

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