About Direct Air

Direct Air can provide for all of your compressed air requirements, ranging from maintenance of your air compressors and compressed air plant to the supply and fitting of any special air compressor project.

Project summary

Direct Air wanted to explore how they could use the power of SEO to generate more leads through their website. With much of the air compressor industry being behind the curve in digital marketing activity and with the long buying cycle of a prospect, we sore a great opportunity to get creative with campaigns and content. Our objective was to increase organic leads to the site year-on-year by 20%.

6 Step SEO Strategy

1. Technical Fixes 

The first part of the job was to reduce the file size of key sales pages on the site. We also configured the Sitemap so there wasn’t wastage in crawl budget and resubmitted. Overall, the site was in good health.

2. Implementation of Tracking

We identified that in the industry it is common for prospects to call up the company when making an inquiry, instead of submitting an online form. With this in mind, we set up call tracking which allowed us to attribute any calls that came from users that had found Direct Air from SEO activities.

3. Keyword Research & Mapping Document

We completed a blanket keyword research task which allowed us to identify if there were any pages competing for the same keywords. We matched all key pages with a set of keywords and updated the copy where necessary to reflect this.

4. Content Creation

A content GAP Analysis task identified high-intent keywords that reflected the services Direct Air offered, but didn’t have any content to serve the users. We identified 3 service areas that weren’t being catered for and built supporting content for these areas. This was coupled with competitor benchmarking to understand what type of content we should create in order for it to rank for the target keyword and secondary keywords.

5. Link Building Campaign (Digital PR)

Though the site was in sound technical and content health, it had never had a consistent volume of high quality and highly relevant domains linking back to it. So with this, we did an additional keyword research piece that identified popular questions within the market and created a visual asset that addressed these popular questions in a creative way. We then outreached this asset to sites within the relevant categories with the goal of obtaining links back to the site.

6. Internal Linking

We internally linked from content across the Direct Air site back to the key service pages we were attempting to rank, creating internal silo’s that increased the relevancy of the service of each page.