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Historically, we've acquired the majority our digital leads through Google Ads. Session Media used the data from our account to prioritise which organic keywords we should be going after. We've run a number of campaigns and managed to rank #1 for our key terms, as well as page 1 for many more.
Mandy Brown

About Lawsure

LawSure Insurance is a leading independent broker specialising in innovative insurance solutions for solicitors and their clients. They provide insurance across many classes of business – from Title Insurance for Conveyancing solicitors and developers, Wills and Probate covers for Probate solicitors and M&A and Tax Indemnity Insurances for Corporate lawyer

Project Objectives

The main objective was to increase the lead volume for their highest margin products. This would be achieved by ranking their product pages (which performed well in Google ads), at the top of the organic search results.

The SEO Strategy

In a competitive industry, Lawsure needed to improve their sites Domain Authority to be able to rank at the top of organic search results pages. To do this, Session Media were tasked with acquiring backlinks from relevant a high quality publications.

In order to get high-tier publications to link to Lawsure, we needed to create an asset which appealed to the masses (and therefore mainstream press), whilst still remaining relevant to their product offering. To do this, we created two infographics (below) which tied in nicely to the topics we were trying to rank for, but weren’t so niche that there was limited places to feature them.

The Most Expensive Views In the UK (Infographic)

Similar to the previous infographic, we created a reactive campaign around CV-19 and the most expensive views in UK (as an interesting story while so many people stayed indoor). This simple campaign tied in world-events and the housing market.

Placements Included:

Keyword Movements

SEO Results

  • #1 for target keywords.
  • 39 New Keywords.
  • 11% increase in organic sessions.
  • 22% increase in new users, meaning more brand exposure for the business.
  • 40 backlinks generated, most of which were high authority and high relevance to the insurance / property space

Business Results

  • Increase in 70% of inbound leads, made via the website or via calls.
  • A very happy sales team! 

Other actions completed for LawSure:

  • Site Health Check (SEO Audit)
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Improvement
  • Link-building (Digital PR campaign)
  • Internal linking
  • Advanced call tracking implemented

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