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SEO had never been a focus until the guys at Session Media showed us the opportunities that were available in our market. We offer a number of different insurance services so the team prioritised based on search volume and profitability. We've since run a number of campaigns and managed to rank #1 for our key term, as well as page 1 for many more. We look forward to working with them on more campaigns in the future.
Mandy Brown

About Lawsure

LawSure Insurance is a leading independent broker specialising in innovative insurance solutions for solicitors and their clients. We provide insurance across many classes of business – from Title Insurance for Conveyancing solicitors and developers, Wills and Probate covers for Probate solicitors and M&A and Tax Indemnity Insurances for Corporate lawyer

Project summary

We were tasked with increasing both the quantity and quality of inbound leads for 2 insurance products. As SEO was a new channel for Lawsure, we knew that the site itself was lacking authority and needed a technical review. We did a small keyword research site prior to working with Lawsure to guide on the insurance products we should be prioritising through search. This project allowed us to get creative across 2 campaigns and eventually rank Lawsure for a number of high intent keywords which contributed to increasing the volume of leads year on year by 30%.

The SEO Strategy

We began by reviewing the technical health of the Direct Air site. The site was in good health, operating at a relatively quick load speed with just a few minor issues to sort out with the Sitemap. We then collated various content items before creating new pages in line with search demand. Finally, we created a campaign that enabled us to build a consistent volume of links to the Direct Air website.

Technical Fixes 

As with all of our clients, we kicked off with a small technical audit of the Lawsure site. The site itself was under 100 pages so this was a task that was turned around relatively quickly. We found no underlying issues that was effecting the SEO performance of the site.

Keyword Research

We had already identified the primary keyword we wanted to target for the first campaign initially. We dug deeper to better understand the landscape of the service offering and identified a series of secondary keywords that we’d also target. 

Content Improvement

We then completed a competitor gap analysis to best understand the content requirements to have the best opportunity to rank in the top 3 spots. We used this data to add relevant copy to the service page, as well as re-structure the page so that the header tags were more reflective of the keywords we wanted to rank.

Link building Campaign

As the site had never worked with an SEO agency, it lacked authority in the online space. Our goal was to target highly relevant, authoritative domains with a piece of creative that would earn us links back to the LawSure site. We audited well shared-content on the web and mocked up a campaign visual and support copy addressing a common problem within the home buying space. We used the visual to target high quality links in relevant publications.  

Internal Linking

We then used the power of internal linking to pass link authority back to the target page which subsequently enabled them to rank for their target keywords.

Actions completed:

  • Site Health Check
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Improvement
  • Link-building Campaign
  • Internal linking

Proven Results

  • Increase in 30% of inbound leads, made via the website or via calls (call tracking implemented).
  • #1 for target keyword.
  • 39 New Keywords.
  • 11% increase in organic sessions.
  • 22% increase in new users, meaning more brand exposure for the business.
  • 40 backlinks generated, most of which were high authority and high relevance to the insurance / property space

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