About Provenir

Provenir is a software company that helps financial institutions make smarter decisions faster with its AI-powered risk decisioning platform. The platform brings together data, AI, and decisioning into one unified solution to help organizations provide world-class consumer experiences. Provenir’s platform is used by a variety of financial institutions, including banks, credit unions, and fintechs.

Project Objectives

The primary objective was to rank Provenir top for their 5 primary keywords in Google (US). These keywords are in the competitive fintech software space

The SEO Strategy

With fintech software keywords being dominated by competitors that typically have deep pockets, we had to find a way to ensure we were maximising the current site authority, whilst also pitching link opportunities that were clearly working for competitors.

We ran a high-level audit and determined that it wasn’t profitable investing time in a robust technical audit of the site. The one thing we did takeaway though was that the site lacked any contextual internal linking, with relevant pages categorised on the site but not linked with one another. After running a keyword analysis on the site and determining the “best” keyword for each target page, we rolled out a plan to ensure that we had optimised internal links pointing to these target pages. We further optimised the key pages based on the SERP & data, ensuring the page quality was better than that of what was ranking #1 for the target phrases.

Alongside this, the outreach team ran a link analysis to identify which links we needed to get us into the top #3. We then worked with Provenir to produce a linkable campaign around credit history that we knew would resonate well with the industry and layered this with some thought leadership outreach.

We built a total of 59 links in 9 months, with an average DR of 53. This, coupled with the internal linking and on-page optimisation, ensured all primary keywords reached #1 and 51% of all keywords made the top 10. This led to an increase of 26% in enquiries through the website.