379 %

Increase In New Users


Ranking of 2 target keywords

15 %

Increase in brand awareness
Krystal Spicer
Marketing Manager, UK Connect

About UK Connect

UK Connect is the UK’s leading communications provider to the construction industry, looking after some of the UK’s most prestigious housebuilders and contractors.

Project Objectives

UK Connect was initially going through a website migration that included a redesign. Our task was to ensure that traffic didn’t drop off and that the site went live with SEO best practice. This included pages being optimised for their target term, speed & architecture were optimal and content was consolidated to ensure poorly performing pages weren’t migrated.
The SEO campaign objective was to rank top for two industry-leading keywords over a 6 month period. Due to the nature of the offering, appearing top for both of these keywords would result in an uplift of both traffic to the site and inbound leads through organic search.

The SEO Strategy

The SEO strategy was split into 3 parts: Technical SEO, Content Creation, Link Building and Tracking.

Once the technical recommendations had been provided, we worked with the development team to roll them out. We then re-audited the site to ensure that everything was pulling through as expected.

We used a mix of internal and external software, competitor analysis and their existing customer based to better understand the construction broadband market. This helped us steer which keywords would help them achieve their website KPI’s for the year and how we would go about ranking for them.

Once agreed, the Session Media team then got to work creating the SEO campaign that would act as the engine behind ranking for the target keywords. This included market research into popular infographics and content that was often shared through Social Media, working with specialist writers & UK Connect, our incredible design team, crafting an optimised on-page, rolling out optimised internal linking structure and then pushing it out into the web. This has also helped contribute to branded search increasing by 15% in the last 6 months compared to the previous 6 months.

Other actions completed for UK Connect.
  • Site migration plan
  • Site Health Check (SEO Audit) & fixes implemented
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Mapping
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Content Calendar
  • SEO Campaign rollout
  • Always on hand to talk through wider-marketing tactics and offer our thoughts

UK Connect's Latest Campaign


Construction Technology Trends

This timely campaign allowed Session Media to pitch construction industry trends into highly relevant publications. It also allowed us to

SEO Results

  • 379% increase in new users
  • Ranking #1 for 2 primary keywords
  • Top 3 for 2 secondary keywords
  • 35+ backlinks built
  • 294% increase in organic sessions