16 Bad Jokes Only Digital Marketers Will Appreciate

It’s easy to get consumed with the serious side of marketing. Between creating content, and driving demand, we seldom take a step back and think ‘hey, why is no one making fun of all these acronyms we use?’.

So here you have it, 16 cringe-worthy jokes I hope you enjoy.


Q: Why did the junior marketer get into display advertising?
A: He wanted to make a lasting impression.


My latest backlink took out a restraining order…
I’m starting to think it wasn’t a Do-Follow.


Google: What are you SERPosed to be?
Result 11: That’s not funny.


Personal Trainer: what are your goals for the year?
Social Media Exec: I’d love to get Buffer.


I always avoid Account Management…
They call me the Sales Navigator.


Q: What did the flirty PPC say to the SEO?
A: You ever done any attribution modelling?


What’s an SEOs favourite TV show?
Robot.txt Wars.


Q: Why did the front end developer buy the flat under his?
A: He always wanted a sub-domain.


All my clients expect so much from me,
this really is the Demand Generation…


User: why do you always show inappropriate search results?
Google: not sure, guess I’ve just got a RankBrain.


A vegetarian and SEO walk into a bar…
Who talks about organic first?


My latest whitepaper got arrested…
Talk about gated content.


Q: How did Yoda get his first lead?
A: He used the Sales Force.


People are scared of my website..
That’s what you call domain authority.


I always seem to get offered the main role in plays.
I can’t take all the credit, it’s probably my lead magnet.


My boss put a stop to my career in one letter,
Why did he have to use anchor text.

I hope you found some amusement in those!

If you have any marketing jokes, I’d love to hear them in the comments below…

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