In this episode of SaaS Crunch, we learn how Supermetrics have grown its marketing team from 3 to 25 in 3 years. We dive deep into the detail, including questions like: 

  • What’s different between the marketing director & demand gen director role 
  • What success metrics do you monitor closely (excluding marketing attributed revenue)
  • If you had 100K more a month, how would you allocate it?
  • If you only have 5K PM to spend, would your answer be different?
  • What’s something everybody in your industry should stop or start doing?
  • What should someone do in the first month of their SaaS marketing manager role?
  • What are your / your team’s biggest blockers to success?
  • What ideas/strategies have you seen success from which seemed unlikely?
  • What advice would you give to someone getting started in B2B / SaaS marketing?