The Top 5 SEO Tactics for 2021 [Webinar]

Sign in with our Senior SEO team on 12th November 2020, to learn the 5 SEO tactics you should be implementing next year to make the biggest impact on your company's financial performance.

Ali Q Naqvi

SEO Manager, Session Media

Ben Alfrey

Head Of SEO, Session Media

Date: 12/11/2020 - 2.00pm


Covered In the Webinar

Digital PR

Real-word case-studies of how we've used digital PR & data to rank our clients at the top of search engines.

Internal Linking

We'll be convering one of our favourite techniques, and possibly the only 'quick win' (I hate that word) in SEO.

Content Consolidation

We'll be covering content consolidation & cannibalisation and how it led to a client ranking for an extremely competitive keyword.

Web Core Vitals

We'll be uncovering some common Technical SEO issues we see in a lot of sites, and its impact of performance (and how to check your site)

Successful Content Ideation

SEO isn't only about ranking for the 'money terms'. In this section, we'll be going through how to create a profitable content strategy.

Bonus Content!

This bit you'll have to wait and see.

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