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Session Media made it very easy for us to increase their budget for our 2020 SEO activity. We’ve not only seen a large increase in website traffic this year, but a considerable amount more revenue generated organic search. They took the time to learn what we were looking to achieve and talked us through every step of the process.
Amanda Rosewarne
Managing Director

About CPD Standards

The CPD Standards Office provides CPD accreditation to training course providers. In a highly competitive market, CPD Standards was seeking a Search Engine Marketing Company who could boost online visibility and profitability.

Project Objectives

The main objective was to increase the lead volume for their highest margin products. This would be achieved by ranking their product pages at the top of the organic search results.

The SEO Strategy

  • Account rebuild and restructure
  • Tested a range of new ad creative, images and ad copy
  • Tested match types & keywords
  • Tested bid settings
  • Scaled spend in EMEA market
  • Setup of new customised reporting for each channel

Google Ad Results

  • 100%+ increase in UK traffic
  • 100%+ increase in US traffic
  • 55% increase in conversion rate (due to the increase in traffic being high intent)
  • Increasing website load time from 6.3 seconds to 1.10 seconds
  • 50+ backlinks generated, including: 

Business Results

  • 61% increase in ‘ready-to-buy’ leads.
  • 1092% increase in ROI (over a 12 month period)
  • Adding an SEO Awards to the trophy shelf!

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